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As I create the condensed outline for the remaining chapters for Less Than A Hundred Years I discovered that to finish this story won't only be an achievement (but personal and emotionally) but it also will be heartbreaking. Attempting to be as loyal to the historic storyline as possible I discovered that these last chapters will be sad; in reality the ending of Goryeo included much personal tragedy, betrayal and little redemption. All of you out there who have read the story are aware of what I mean, and in attempts of closing this story up as best as possible I will be adding even sadder details of the characters we all love and care for. I will uplift the spirit with an epilogue, I promise I will, but the chapters to come will be a slow decent into sadness (I wanted to let you know so everyone out there buys a box of Kleenex).
I actually cried when writing a particular few words and although I can't tell them they are a subject that few (or better said none) of the writers i have read had touched (at least in the way I'm developing it).
I don't want you all to be discouraged, nor to stop reading my story, but for whatever's worth, I wanted to share the sadness I felt with you because you always manage to understand what I'm saying.

In Other News: Here I promised myself never to watch another Kdrama that was been currently aired… and I’m watching Flower Boy Next Door… *cries*

Just to get it off my chest...

I once read that while writing Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien wrote a letter to his editor explaining that the story had gotten out of hand. Read more...Collapse )

Honestly if I hadn't have Faith (and the fanfics) and the support of all my readers this love sickness might still be eating me up. But; I gained so much since leaving that person behind. I have a writing partner/friend/editor/mind reader who is always willing to cheer me up and ask for more (what is a challenge and I love challenges), Lauren your piece is almost done, I lost five or ten pounds (my pants fall of for the first time in years!) and I learned that before loving someone else I must insist in loving myself.
Thank you all for caring!

A gift for my fellow LMH fans!

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Sitting on my couch sipping warm coffee and eating a blueberry muffin, because I had no money or energy for Black Friday, I've noticed that because of NaNo and Faith I've abandoned my house. There's a huge mess and for once I'm ashamed to even consider inviting people in.
*sips coffee* so having posted the next episode at FF.net and with Personal Taste playing on the background I've decided that today's mission is to tidy up the housing of my real self, and probably figure out when to give our favorite couple a baby (and what sort of problems, cravings and messes Eun Soo can come up with).
Lauren if you are reading this; the story you requested is almost there :D ...
*turns to screen* Jin Ho-ssi don't be so cruel to poor Kae In-ssi !!
Happy day!!

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Review... Request... Ah?

So I was looking aroudn for this Gahbae game thing and I stumbled upon this review at FF.net...
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Don't worry Lauren I will try and deliver... Oh and BTW I have a slight idea of who you are... the little elf in my desk, right? :D
I'm at that moment all writers fear: worse than writer's block I reached a mental burnout and I can't literally write one bit more on our beloved couple. I must rest my poor brain for now and gather my wits to continue Less Than A Hundred Years.
BTW: Lauren if you are outthere, thank you for all your kind reviews... please tell me more about Gahbae because I can't find any info about it... and please calm down I love you a lot too but I like men... *snorts and laughs*


The silence in the room was quiet comfortable.
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Less Than A Hundred Years
The First of Many

Author’s Ramblings: This particular prompt is rather heartbreaking for many; for me it was hilarious. Considering who Choi Young is, and the people thirsty for power around him, this is how I think this would run. Bear with me and don’t stop reading! Even if it breaks your heart as it did mine… this Imja couple drives me into tears in .2 second… they are just so cute together.
The First...Collapse )
I was supposed to write a sci-fi story of clones, crazy scientists and this awesome constant terrorist attacks on a powerful company that was attempting to create the perfect human being… instead I ended up writing a fic on our Imja couple.

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Less Than A Hundred Years
In Lieu of Your Safety

I'm in deep need of an Imja Fix... off to see a Faith Marathon with Dove chocolate and several klennex boxes. Enjoy!
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